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                                                                            Alfi gusto isolierkanne polarweiss
                                                                            Alfi gusto isolierkanne polarweiss

                                                                            Alfi Isolierkanne Gusto polarweiß 1,0l

                                                                            59.95 €
                                                                            Image placeholder

                                                                            Alfi Isolierkanne Gusto polarweiß 1,0l

                                                                            59.95 €
                                                                            EU:   VAT 19.0% - 9.57 € included
                                                                            Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included

                                                                            Alfi Isolierkanne Gusto polarweiß 1,0l


                                                                            • Volume 1,0 L
                                                                            • Volume in Cups 8
                                                                            • Feature AromaSafe for the perfect taste
                                                                            • Weight 1.056 KG
                                                                            • Measures ( L x W x H ) 170 x 150 x 270 MM

                                                                            The premium Gusto vacuum carafe
                                                                            Perfect taste and on target: Gusto stands for precision craftsmanship Made in Germany. With its intelligent Air Control ventilation system, the premium vacuum carafe makes pouring easy, always on target, without spraying or spills. The specially developed lid is easily detached, guaranteeing uncomplicated care and hygienic cleaning. Ensuring maximum safety during use, it keeps the carafe 100% leak-tight.

                                                                            This makes Gusto the perfect companion when on the road. As an alfi original, the Gusto’s excellent insulating properties are quite impressive. Whether coffee, tea or water - the Premium Carafe keeps its content hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The AromaSafe principle upholds the most important aspect of all - delightful taste all around. And all of this with absolutely zero risk, because with its ten year warranty, the Gusto is not only a quality product, but will delight you for years to come. To guarantee years of healthy indulgence, like all other alfi products, it is produced with absolutely no toxins whatsoever.

                                                                            The AromaSafe principle
                                                                            Products by alfi uphold the most important aspect of all: delightful taste all around. Whether taste, insulating properties, health, design or environmental sustainability - as the leading insulating specialist, we apply the AromaSafe principle to ensure that good things stay good longer.

                                                                            Design by Martin Hauenstein
                                                                            Design for good taste - this is the goal that alfi follows with the best designers around the world. Timeless aesthetics and technical perfection define the design language that has received multiple awards. Products created based on this principle are today already on their way to becoming tomorrow's classics.

                                                                            For more than 20 years, we have had one common goal: Implementing form, function and production into successful products. The process never ceases to be exciting." - Martin Hauenstein, designer of Gusto

                                                                            • AromaSafe for the perfect taste
                                                                            • Best insulating properties keeps content hot for 12 hours / cold for 24 hours thanks to the alfiDur glass insert
                                                                            • Comfortable pouring with practical one-hand operation
                                                                            • 10 year warranty to delight for years to come
                                                                            • Made in Germany represents best product quality
                                                                            • Free of toxins for healthy enjoyment
                                                                            • l Premium Vacuum Carafe from alfi
                                                                            • 100% leak-proof for hightest safety due to Air Control


                                                                            Weight 1.0 kg
                                                                            Size cm
                                                                            EAN 4002458488085
                                                                            Tripidi 1203441